Guidance and Advice

Setting up one’s activity in a particular region is a decisive choice for a company manager.  That is why Greater Avignon and its partners, principally Vaucluse Development, offer to guide and advise you in a personalized way all the way through your project process. 
Business premises and sector expertise 
When an investor arrives in the region, the Greater Avignon and Vaucluse Development Team can program a series of visits to pre-selected sites to allow him/her to rapidly see for himself/herself the building, premises or land that corresponds to his/her needs.
Integrating the company into its specific sector of activity is one of the best ways to speed up the development process of the project. 
Greater Avignon and Vaucluse Development can implement a made-to-measure contact network that will allow the investor to immediately size up the advantages of the region, and thus successfully set up his company and accelerate its development. 
Financial and Administrative Engineering 
We can also mobilize the different public and private partners in the funding of a start-up project:  commercial banks, capital investors, industrial reconversion devices, corporate companies and grants from either the State, Region or County. 

Greater Avignon and Vaucluse Development work in collaboration with the State departments and all the territorial authorities to guide the investor through the administrative paperwork, such as the authorization applications, particularly if the activity comes within the rules and regulations of classified buildings, or access to electricity and water networks or applying for building permits. 
Human Resources and Staff Management Guidance
Vaucluse Development, with its parastatal employment partners (Pole Emploi Job Center, the APEC etc) and the territorial authorities can guide the company in its choice of human resources policies. It can bring its expertise in help find skilled workers, help to define the job descriptions, benchmark the salary levels, give information on the MRS (Recruitment Simulation Method), or offer available meeting rooms for the first interviews (if the company does not yet have premises)  

Greater Avignon and Vaucluse Development can also guide the newly-arrived staff members to find all the information they need on day-care centers, schools, work for their spouse and accommodation.