Setting up business in the Greater Avignon region

Opening a business in the Greater Avignon area means beginning and developing one’s activity in an exceptional setting in a region whose economic dynamism may come as a surprise. 

Strategically located in the south of France at the meeting point of the Mediterranean Basin and the Rhone Valley, Avignon, the City of the Popes, bathed by the Provencal sun, offers everything necessary to start up your business as well as an extraordinary attractiveness.
Known world-wide for its history, heritage and cultural dynamism, Avignon’s reach and influence are exceptional, and this inevitably impacts on the region’s businesses. 

With its strong vibrant demography, the Avignon territory offers a very high level of services, particularly public infrastructures, and strong commercial as well as cultural offers, which remain the trademark of Avignon and its surrounding areas.
The vibrant University of Avignon with the diversity of the courses it offers and its network of local partners, encourages budding talents, especially in the highly specialized fields of the food and cultural industries and the new air services.
So, it is not a coincidence if, in the 2013 ranking of the most ‘business-friendly’ towns,  organized by the Express and Expansion magazines,  Avignon, out of 39 towns with a population of between 100 000 between 200 000, won 5th place!
With its ambitious expansion plan, its network of expert partners who will be at your side to advise you in your business venture, and its willingness to support new large-scale projects, Greater Avignon will help you to aim for excellence.
Being a part of this adventure is just a click away!

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